Hello again!

Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you. Included with this post is a sample .fed where the error occurs. I could add a simple try file to use with it, but I've been told the error also happens in freeplay. Use the extra key to produce the shield when at least one bar of energy is charged. If you don't feel like waiting for it to charge, change event 10 on part ID 20 in the .fed to 2000 or above.

Along with this, I've noticed that the "Change Energy Stock of Player"s Permil option is broken, because as soon as you navigate away from the event, the highlighted Permil switches back to None.

As always, we're appreciative of your efforts. Thank you in advance and have a great June.
uploaded Rumia (2015/05/31 04:21) : [1034]
The error did not occur on development environment.
Redownload a newest version and try whether that error occurs with default setting.
If an error occurred, please upload a log file(fraxy_error.txt).
If that error is not returned by HSP, fix is difficult because I cannot found the error point.
mon (2015/05/31 06:05) : [1035]
Hello again! I followed your suggestions for trying to get around the error to no avail. So I have the try file that the error appear in available for you to try out. This link will accessable for around 48 hours.

Rumia (2015/06/06 01:42) : [1036]
Confirmed an error occured with that try.
Please try following patch.

mon (2015/06/06 03:57) : [1037]
Alrighty, just tested both problems and there are no errors to interrupt things anymore. Thank you very much for the quick response! Rumia (2015/06/06 07:10) : [1038]