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Hello again!

Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you. Included with this post is a sample .fed where the error occurs. I could add a simple try file to use with it, but I've been told the error also happens in freeplay. Use the extra key to produce the shield when at least one bar of energy is charged. If you don't feel like waiting for it to charge, change event 10 on part ID 20 in the .fed to 2000 or above.

Along with this, I've noticed that the "Change Energy Stock of Player"s Permil option is broken, because as soon as you navigate away from the event, the highlighted Permil switches back to None.

As always, we're appreciative of your efforts. Thank you in advance and have a great June.
uploaded Rumia : [1034]
The error did not occur on development environment.
Redownload a newest version and try whether that error occurs with default setting.
If an error occurred, please upload a log file(fraxy_error.txt).
If that error is not returned by HSP, fix is difficult because I cannot found the error point.
mon : [1035]
Hello again! I followed your suggestions for trying to get around the error to no avail. So I have the try file that the error appear in available for you to try out. This link will accessable for around 48 hours.

Rumia : [1036]
Confirmed an error occured with that try.
Please try following patch.

mon : [1037]
Alrighty, just tested both problems and there are no errors to interrupt things anymore. Thank you very much for the quick response! Rumia : [1038]
Hello again, and happy May.

So with the release of the new version, a major bug has been introduced. The Sol Diffuser, which was working fine before, can no longer be used. Absorbing an enemy shot with it causes Fraxy to crash, but doing so within the editor does not.

If you can find and correct that, I'd be very appreciative. I can also provide the .fed and try used where the error appears, though it seems to be affecting everyone using the current version.
Rumia : [1032]
Please upload the sample. mon : [1033]
Hello, and Happy April!

There were a few ideas being shot around the FraxyHQ on things that could possibly be implemented in the next version, so I figured I'd share a few with you and get your opinion on them/if they are possible to implement.

1. Burner shots as a shrapnel type for E.egg/Missile/Remote Blast
2. Absolute Shield as a controllable option for Player Bullet
3. Heat manipulation events for the Editor
4. Ability to shift the Enemy Bullet Draw Order so it can be controlled like enemy parts and effectors
5. Individual scrolling directions/options for BG layers ex. BGlayer 1 is set to go @ direction 1024, BGlayer 0 is set to go @ direction 3072 at speeds of 512 and 768 respectively.
6. An ex.param or option to set the Damage Amount of enemy weapons

These are just a few of the things that we came up with. Feel free to consider the ideas as you see fit, and know we're always looking forward to your updates.
Rumia : [1030]
Following the previous post are items I had forgotten.

7. Player Weapon: Missiles - Physical Player shots without stretching sprites that explode on contact with the enemy. Can come in Homing and Non-Homing varieties, and can be assigned to the Player Weapon Effector. Along with that, an Editor flag that controls what the Homing Missile will and will not aim for, much like the wall attribute on the Barrier and Energy Wall parts.

8. The ability to merge the (Main) HP Bar to the interface, so users can assign where it will show up.

That's all for now!
Rumia : [1031]
Hello! Rumia here. Wanted to ask if you knew that the sticky option for effectors (&2048) don't seem to work on versions released after it was first implemented. I've tried using it on the Aura, Spark (1, 2, and 3), Flash-Red, and most of the others. The only one it seems to work for is the Flash effector. Is there anyway you can check to see why that is? Rumia : [1028]
I cannot remember the reason, sticky option was commented out.
I'll fix it in the next version.

However, that option cannot apply to some effectors.
ex) explosion effector
mon : [1029]
Hello there. Is it posible to make an effector that makes anything below it transparent? (covered parts below are invisible; only the BG is visible in the region) Garo : [1024]
Is that meaning like this?
mon : [1025]
Yeah, like that, but when parts overlap each other. Is that possible?

Also, may I ask for values on player ship types (Energy), weapons (Minimum Damage, Maximum Damage for every level) and by how much the damage rate goes up?
Garo : [1026]
It may be impossible to transparent the overlapped area of parts each other.
That sample is blending a background in the drawing area of the distortion effector.

Player status and damage things are slightly complicated.
I may write it in the blog soon.
mon : [1027]

uploaded いにしゃるでぃー : [1022]
mon : [1023]
Hello there. Congratulations on making another update for Fraxy! We are all excited with the new features.

Today I'd like to report an issue that happens when trying to select a TRY in Fraxy. It returns the following error:
fraxy.exe (Mode 2) (v.20150222beta)
ErrorCode : 6
Root : 2
Index : 17000019
Param : -1
Flag : -1
Count : 17, 2, 0, 261, 31
Garo : [1019]
Upon closer look, it appears that the cause of the issue are the encrypted TRY made with ModdedTRYLauncher.
Sorry, I should have looked into that before reporting.
Garo : [1020]
This error is a problem of the FTD check function.
I take out a patch in a few days.
mon : [1021]
Hello there. I'm here to ask about an option of saving information into a file in TRY. As of now we have worked on an external workaround, but it would help save things like highscores, etc.

Have a look. Flan made a tool to work around certain features we were not yet able to access from the TRY code, and added a feature to encrypt the .ftd files.
Garo : [1018]
Happy New Year!
I was wondering about a possibility of adding events that adjust the part angle and distance, somewhat like setting up the Move Joint part?

Would it be possible to add custom textures to Fraxy? I already enjoy the wide vareity of available textures in Fraxy, but I sometimes find myself forced to edit common_06.bmp to add in my own textures.

One more question. Would you like to suggest an idea for a contest in the UFF?
Garo : [1016]
> adding events that adjust the part angle and distance
A concept of the FRAXY is to connect parts like a LEGO.
The change of an angle and the distance by the event loses the identity of parts.
So I don't implement it.

> custom texture
Its implementation is difficult by the issue of collision of the texture/sprite ID.

> a contest in the UFF
I don't interfere in a user-based event.
That is my policy.
mon : [1017]
Hello, Rumia here with a question about IMAGEFONT. Do the picture files used with the it have to match up to the provided example image exactly? Or is it possible to create an original one?

Thanks in advance.
Rumia : [1014]
The size is variable, but cannot change the sequence order.
This is to depend on the character code.
mon : [1015]
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